• July 2007

    We have been on several field shoots so the script can be finalized for the expected narration recording in August. Areas covered include:

    -Port of Oakland, where we were able to shoot from the top of their largest container crane in addition to the unloading of a large container vessel.

    -Native Grasses, thanks to East Bay Regional Parks for taking the time to show various native grasses in the hills east of Livermore as well as in Richmond and parts of Marin County.

    -Sonoma Baylands (south of Highway 37) hay fields.

    -Cargill Salt Ponds and the history and production of salt on the Bay dating back to Native American times.

    -San Jose/Santa Clara Water Pollution Treatment Plant — the largest such facility on the Bay, serving over 1.5 million people in the South Bay.

    -Recycle Central, Norcal Waste’s 200,000 square foot recycling center at Pier 96 in San Francisco.

    -San Francisco Estuary Institute’s Historical Ecology program where Robin Grossinger and his team evaluate how specific locations all around the Bay have changed over the past 100-200 years based on historical maps, drawings and photos down to the location of individual trees.

    We also would like to thank John, Joel and Josh Garzoli at San Rafael’s Garzoli Gallery for allowing the use of several paintings from their historical California collection, one of which is shown on the Underwriters page of this website.

    On the funding front, Wells Fargo Bank and NOAA’s National Marine Fisheries Service confirmed commitments as new underwriters for the series and we are in advanced discussions with several other prospective funders but still not fully funded yet.